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November 2023


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We turned 20 this year! 

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary this quarter, we are pleased to reflect on how far we’ve come and how much we’ve grown. We are committed to serving you and the adoption community for many more years to come. Thank you for your support since 2003!

National Adoption Awareness Month

November is a very special month. There are so many ways to spread the word about adoption and educate others about the need for loving families.  

Start a Fundraiser. Invite your friends for dinner and ask them to donate to our St. Francis fund to help support an adoption day event happening this month.

Read a Book. There are many wonderful books about adoption at your local library. If you reside in Hillsborough County, check out our lending library. We have lots of great books to share with you.

Share your Story. If you've been touched by adoption, we want to hear from you.  We would love to close out 2023 with stories about how adoption shaped your life.  Email us at [email protected] and your story may be included in our annual report! 

Read the 2023 White House Proclamation here.

Hearts to Home Program Updates

We are excited to report 6 children are currently in the process of being adopted due to the Hearts to Home program!

We are pleased to report ___ families were recently matched for a total of seven children in foster care that will soon move to their adoptive homes.

If you are currently enrolled in the Search and Support phase, formerly known as “Networking”, you are encouraged to attend our new W.A.I.T support group. Contact [email protected] to register.

Have you heard of our newest program Thrive, yet?

Thrive assists adoptive families and children with pre-placement and post-placement support. Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition for your family and provide ongoing support as you navigate the joys and challenges of adoption. 

We offer free virtual, and in-person visits to promote emotional regulation and help adoptive children gain a variety of different skills. Additionally, we provide support and guidance to parents and resource support to help your family thrive. The availability of post-adoption support plays a vital role in maintaining stability within an adoptive family- we are here for you when you need help. For more information about this service, contact [email protected].


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Our Lending Library is open for business!

Do you love to read books about parenting? Are you looking for resources to help navigate your adoption journey? If so, we likely have the perfect book for you. Thanks to the generosity of the Mabel & Ellsworth Simmons Charitable Foundation, Inc., we are stocking our library with great books for families in Hillsborough County to borrow and return at no cost. Do you have a recommendation for a great book we should include? Let us know and we just might add it to our list. Click here to request a book today!

Birth Parent Pizza Meetups

HOPE program Pizza Meet Ups are support group meetings led by birth parents where you can meet and connect with other parents who have placed a child for adoption. Online support is also offered through private Facebook groups that connect birth mothers from all over the world in a supportive environment that allows them to speak freely about the joys and heartbreaks of adoption. Check our events page for dates and locations.

Podcast Pick of the Month

Does it feel like your child is sabotaging the holidays? Are there more tantrums, sullenness, and anxiety during the holiday season? We explore why and what to do about it with Rebecca Robotham, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker at Beehive Counseling & Wellness in Connecticut. She is also an adoptee and former foster child.

Support adoption with every bite.

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Order your holiday pies through Heart of Adoptions Alliance, Inc. and a portion of every purchase will go to support adoption.

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Heart Gallery of Tampa Bay - Waiting Child Spotlight

Anha and her little brother, Jadon, are a creative, caring pair. Whether it’s painting on canvas, creating jewelry or belting out tunes, Anha loves to sing and draw. A bright and vibrant girl, she is kind and compassionate to all. She’s loving and loves spending time with her brother, Jadon. Jadon is outgoing, fun, adventurous and spontaneous; he’s always ready for learning new things, and recently taught himself to roller-skate. Jadon is a bright boy, an extrovert eager to engage and be engaged. Wise for his age, Jadon says, “I am grateful for life, and am not concerned about what others think of me.” Both Anha and Jadon have maintained a positive outlook on life, despite the challenges they’ve faced together. Resilient and determined, yet each full of joy, both Anha and Jadon are hard workers and do well at school. Anha’s favorite subjects are Chorus, History and Science while Jadon prefers Math and Science. They both make excellent grades; Anha dreams of being a voice actor for anime (a favorite manga is My Hero Macadamia) while Jadon hopes to be a marine biologist (a recent favorite book is I Survived a Shark Attack). Anha loves painting nails, fashion, singing and drawing while Jadon loves baseball, fishing and crabbing and Winter the dolphin, from the Clearwater Aquarium. These smart, creative siblings are eager for a generous, kind and adventurous forever family. Could it be you? Click below to inquire.